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Children Refused Visas to Join Oxford Professor Mother in the UK

06 Oct 2019 | Carl Thomas

American academic and geography professor Amber Murrey became one of the most recent victims of a confusing immigration UK strategy lately, according to reports. After being excited to accept a job as an associate professor in Geography at Oxford University in 2018, complete with a tier 2 work permit, Murrey was devasted to discover that her two children couldn't join her in the country.

Two weeks ago, the Home Office announced that they would not provide UK visas to Amber's two daughters, aged four and nine. Dr Murrey spoke to numerous UK immigration lawyers to ensure that the visa applications for her two daughters went as smoothly as possible. Amber was not expecting an issue with the application; however, she claims that the Home Office simply told her that British Naturalisation wouldn't be possible for her two children, without a thorough explanation.

Dr. Murrey's case is just one of a wide range of issues among academics who have already said that the hostile UK immigration environment is making it more difficult for talented people to forge a career in the country. This is the second time in a single month that the Home Office has refused UK visas to an American academic or their family based in Oxford University.

In September, Dr Elizabeth Ford, a historian in the music genre was given two weeks to leave the country after spending the last eight years in the UK. The Home Office claimed that Dr Ford was given her previous tier 2 work permit erroneously.

According to overseas academics, the universities in Britain are now so afraid of the new Visa regime that they are automatically beginning to reject international candidates for roles that they should be perfect for. Dr. Murrey noted that the situation is very hard for her, as she desperately wants to spend more time with her children but is concerned about spending too much time out of the UK, in case her absence jeopardizes the state of her tier 2 work visa.