News Archive - January 2019

Think Tank Says that Cap on Tier 2 Work Permit Should be Scrapped

26 Jan 2019 | Posted by Carl Thomas

According to a think tank dedicated to supporting those on the search for tier 2 work permit options in the UK, the cap on visas available in the UK should be "abolished" and removed from the system without replacement.

According to a report on Immigration UK plans published in January 2019, the Institute of Economic Affairs said that the cap on the tier 2 work permit was out of date and unreasonable. The group believes that issues with UK visas are preventing productive contributors to the economy from entering the UK.

Snippets published from the UK work permit report said that the impending climate of Brexit meant that public opinion on skilled labour from migrant workers was more positive than ever in some areas. However, despite positive feelings around migrant workers, there's a limit selection of options for those who need a work permit in the UK.

Before Christmas, the home secretary Sajid Javid announced a potential outline for a post-Brexit immigration UK policy which would replace the tier 2 work permit with a skills-based system.

This strategy would completely remove the cap on skilled workers. Additionally, a temporary transitional worker program would be put in place to provide a way for EU nationals from low-risk environments to visit Britain without a role at work for up to 12 months.

According to a Home office spokesperson, the IEA support for the removal of caps on the number of workers from skilled backgrounds being allowed into the country is highly supported.

The spokesperson went on to say that for the first time in generations, the country has more control over the UK work permit and immigration system. According to the Home office, a change to UK visas will allow the UK to attract the kind of talent that they need, while making sure that the country remains secure.