The three staff members that I dealt with at Visalogic were all extremely helpful, professional and friendly throughout the application process. I am very happy with the service provided by your agency and would definitely recommend it to others. Thanks very much!
Corey, Unmarried Partner Visa
Great service provided by the team at Visalogic. I heartly appreciate all your help. Thanks a lot.
Manoj, Tier 1 HSMP
I am extremely happy with Visalogic's services, your help was greatly appreciated.
Tony, Spouse EC
My visa came through without any issues at all. I am very pleased with the service, the staff and the overall support that made the application process hassle free. Thank you Visalogic!
Nijil, Unmarried Partner Visa
I would like to personally thank your team for putting up with my very persistent daily phone calls, and for their prompt replies to my (many) requests! I am now waiting for the British High Commission in Canberra to stamp my passport, and then Happy Days! Ill be back in the UK! Big thanks to Visalogic, your efforts are much appreciated.
Benita, Tier 2 Work Permit
Very happy with the service provided. Staff were quick to respond to emails and were very good at chasing up our forms. All in all a very positive experience through a stressful time.
Luke, Spouse
Thanks to you all, I really appreciate your hard work when I was in a difficult situation.
Michael, Tier 1 HSMP
I cannot say how much I have appreciated Visalogic's help on helping us get our employees through the visa process. Your team has been very patient and very helpful throughout which I appreciate greatly. Their explanations of the procedures has been fantastic and they have always been available to help with queries. The casework team are a great asset to Visalogic and I look forward to working with them again in the future.
Craig, Tier 2 Work Permit
My lasting impression of the visa process is that it is a long winded affair, complicated and time consuming. And that's what made the relationship with my caseworker at Visalogic so important as she carefully guided and supported us through the process. We particularly appreciated the final efforts in ensuring that Kelly could travel to Madrid to get his entry clearance rather than return to NZ. That was extremely important to us. Kelly is a key member of our staff and an important jigsaw piece for the future development of our company - and we therefore thank the team at Visalogic for all their efforts - we would have no hesitation in recommending Visalogic in the future. Thanks so much.
Kelly, Ancestry FLR